Sunday, August 29, 2010

you happy puppets

drive-by readings

Deadpool Team-Up #890 (Marvel)
James Asmus
Micah Gunnell
Rob Stull
John Rauch
Jeff Eckleberry
Humberto Ramos/Edgar Delgado (cover)

what we learned: insurance salesman Machine Man (ahaha) stakes a claim to Deadpool for all the property damage he's caused through the years (ahahaha). however, same insurance company is currently held hostaged by disenfranchised customer Puppet Master, who has an axe to grind (or clay to mold) because of greedy corporate executives.
oh shit moment: Puppet Master ends up getting tossed outside the window, which eerily mirrors how the damn fat cats think about us common Joes.
what's next: hey, editor: several words that rhyme with Gorilla: Sarsaparilla, Pancho Villa, Umbrella.

yes, Mr. Masters, just like yours.

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