Wednesday, August 11, 2010


drive-by readings

Red Hood: The Lost Days #3 (DC)
Judd Winick
Jeremy Haun
Brian Reber
Pat Brosseau
Billy Tucci (cover)

what we learned: the resurrected Jason Todd learns the killing arts under Egon, a German ne'er-do-well (actually he did, until he met Jason). the former Robin still has a semblance of a conscience and deals justice in his own way. surprisingly, he's even-tempered in here. must be the Lazarus Pit. or i thought it drove you crazy eventually.
oh shit moment: i will be wary of sports energy drinks from now on. especially since i am an evil blogger who writes non-funny things about fictional characters.
what's next: what's Talia's endgame?

well, it did work for Darth Vader ...

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