Friday, April 2, 2010

snaps: Blackest Night #8

... where the Rainbow Riders finally get to defeat Nekron and the Black Hand (as if there was any doubt). and in a complete reversal of a cookie-cutter comicbook event, NO ONE DIES (well, except the bad guy and the jury is out on that, and because they were fighting dead people to begin with), and A FEW DEAD PEOPLE COME BACK (not just all you hoped for). all in all, i'd still rank Blackest Night below The Sinestro Corps War, primarily because there were no more surprises after the first issue. plus with the Internet talk these days, you basically get a preview of what's going to happen anyway ... what's that? Brightest Day is going to be a gay musical starring our DC heroes? for sure?

"and that's for not getting my back when i got captured by that loser Libra!!"

why do you have to be a heartpuller?

coming soon to Broadway: Brightest Gay Day!

"uh, J'onn ... are you gonna reimburse us for that funeral we threw you?"

goodbye, Infinite Crisis!

goodbye, 90's!! farewell, beard and hook!!

William can't even wipe off his drool with his Hand.


Gloria said...

Oh, Maxwell Lord is back!

So a good thing is coming of a multi-megacrossover at last!

(now bring back ted Kord and the Bwah-ha-League!)

grifter said...

the bad thing is i don't think he's anywhere near the Maxwell Lord of the bwahahaha justice league we love. and that probably explains why Ted isn't back either.

Gloria said...

...And neither are Ralph and Sue.

O, what evils came from the "Crisis" crossovers... The tricky Max Lord of "Superbuddies" (not to mention Mary Marvel!) is much better than the later "thoroughly dastardly and evil schemer" which Diana put to rest