Friday, April 9, 2010

snaps: Batman & Robin #11

... where the past and present collide - man, those Waynes were such douchebags, much more than the Starks! these rich people. anyway, Robin is unfortunately being remote-controlled by his mother (oh, those mothers!) and we are still one issue away from truly finding the answers on what Dick found in the secret cave, and if Oberon Sexton is truly the missing Bruce or just a scented dandy.

* hey, so after like a year or so, Bruce is probably going back and reclaim his costume, and Dick goes back to being Nightwing, and for all of that, we had that atrocious Battle for the Cowl??

aside from being an arrogant twit, you're fine!

huh? aren't you talking about yourself?

but they do have 99 luftballoons!!! eeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

ah, Deathstroke, still batting .000 for killing someone of real significance.

and for the question y'all wanted to ask ...

answers in 30 i guess ... because Morrison wants to stick it to the Eisner Award committee!!

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