Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

stiff little things

i have started a small collection of statues almost a year ago. its only been recently that i found the space where to put them, but even then it all seems temporary. when you live in a rented apartment, everything is temporary. i hope to have a better place to put them if life gives me the chance to get our own place. so far, my collection is dominated by the, ehem, DC Cover Girls (don't ask). i don't have the money to burn for $300 Iron Man statues, so i pick my spots. i also have to find the time to properly photograph them for showoff purposes. i really want to go crazy on Bowen busts but technically, i don't have one yet.
recently, i grabbed a couple of those 4-to-5 inch Marvel UK figurines over at the neighborhood Midtown Comics. i learned that these babies were full of lead and are not really for sale here in the US (officially). to get around that, they sell each figure with its companion informational magazine, so basically they are selling the publication along with the figurine. just don't have your kids handle them, and wash your hands when you're done playing them. oh well. the store had slim pickings, but i think i corralled the best of the bunch. here's Drax, which seems to be his recent badass incarnation in the Annihilation/Guardians of the Galaxy series, not that dumbo with the cape from the '90s. the Hulk isn't the only mean green lethal machine in pants.
Beta Ray Bill
in honor of the Thor movie, i grabbed his Korbinite blood brother, the one and only horse-faced Beta Ray Bill. this was slightly taller than the Drax figurine, and looked elegant enough for its size bracket. i wonder if he'll ever make it in the sequel though. even just a cameo would be awesome. now that i'm done taking shots and posting this, i think i need to go back to the store and grab a few more ... for $15 each i don't think you can't go wrong. again, just wash yo hands after holding them. if you don't wash your hands out of habit, your mama raised you wrong. Drax says so.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wolverine and Magneto will never be friends

adamantium-pulling and stabby-stabbing are not the easiest of faults to forgive.

just to remind you of the bigger picture here, you may be looking at the next member of the Uncanny X-Force.

X-Force #9
story A-
art B 

prom here to eternity

Avengers Academy #13, where we have the Red Skull dancing with another long-lost daughter!

kidding aside, this is a sweet issue, as the new Avenger kids have their first prom, and chaperoned by Hank Pym and Tigra. how time flies! wasn't it just long ago that Hank was boinking Tigra? wait, that was Skrull-Hank. i mean, wasn't it long ago that young Tigra was hanging out in the WCA? actually that had no bearing whatsoever. other comments:

  • Speedball. DJ. "Take My Breath Away". awesome. (double awesome for Young MC. i hope it was "Bust A Move".)
  • the gym where the prom was held was probably a self-repairing one, because with at least three altercations occurring during the dance, the punch bowl seems to refill itself.
  • this is the only time Mettle (why did they design him to look like Johann Schmidt? why??) can boast of breaking Iron Man.
  • Justice - Firestar = me sad. me love Kurt Busiek Avengers run.
  • in a team, there should be a maximum of ONE character with "BALL" in his codename. Hardball and Speedball, duke it out in the corner. 
  • there should be more interaction between Marvel characters ("Marvel Team Up", anyone?). example, Striker and Hellion could meet up and out-jackass each other.
  • did they design adult Reptil to look like Humberto Ramos? because uh, his name is Humberto? (i love me some Humberto Ramos!)
  • Katy Perry+prom = "Firework". what, no "Peacock"?? aw, c'mon!
  • finally, Real Hank + Tigra = sexytimes.
  • apropos to above, Jocasta may have something to say about that. and that word may be "Ultron".
story A-
art B+

we're not worthy

... because some other people have been chosen, not us.

er... how is Juggy, i mean "Kuurth" (is that like Steve Kurth, or Kurse as pronounced by a someone with a lisp?) going to see out of his helmet, if the holes are kind of nowhere near his eyes? that probably explains why the Juggernaut kept breaking things, because he can't see where the hell he's going!

oh, and he can't break anything metal now, can he?

Fraction should have just called Hulk "Nul, Breaker of Scripts and Programming Code" but i digress. why invent new villains when we can just co-opt Marvel's powerhouses and make them mind-controlled baddies eh? if you have a breaker of worlds, then why would you need the other six?

i guess the letter N made her new nickname much tougher-sounding rather than a T ("Skirt"). and i heard in the original script it was written as "Skirn, Breaker of Balls", but then Editorial got into the picture. anyhoo, Titania seems destined to break the male populace, but would that include her longtime daddy-o, Crusher Creel a.k.a. The Absorbing Douchebag? apparently Creel would also be having a hammer of his own, and he will be dubbed "Crul, Breaker of Chicks".

is that Attuma, or is that Attuma? and why is he breaking oil pipelines? shouldn't he be breaking fiber optic cables so as to disrupt Internet service globally, hence sending about half of its denizens into a frenzy because they couldn't Tweet or update their Facebook pages? i tell you, online deprivation is a huge FEAR!!! hah!!!

Fear Itself #2 unveils a bunch of "The All Father's" stooges, and indescribably puts the world under attack so quickly that the Avengers seem overwhelmed or unprepared. we all know the Asgardians just up and left (i think Odin's still hiding something - "The All Father" is his evil doppelganger?), but seem to think that the best option is literally a scorched Earth policy. the story still seems too fantastical at the moment (shades of Fraction's World Tree storyline over in Thor) and not too grounded like earlier Marvel events. i love Immonen's art (with longtime inking partner Wade Von Grawbadger) in NextWave, and here he's kind of switched up to serious mode. 5 issues to go, and hopefully, there's more meat and potatoes next ish.

you know who's going to save the day, right? right??

The Man Without Fear. Hal Jordan.