Sunday, February 21, 2010

aaaaaaaaaaand ... she's back.

what i want to know is, how long was she out there without any food or water.

'nuff said!

Uncanny X-Men #521


The Lunar Fox said...

Yay! I knew she'd be back! Now, is she going to be horribly mentally warped? Maybe she picked up an alien force? (What? That's been done already you say?)

And she don't need food or water. *waves hand dismissively* Remember, she lived as a ghost after that one crisis... ;)

grifter said...

oh, that's right - she was floating around after the Mutant Massacre. i think she kissed Longshot that one time (how come these things aren't mentioned anymore?). and how come Pete Wisdom didn't have any reaction at all (because his comic was canceled?). also, no thanks to you, Lockheed/S.W.O.R.D.

now they'll all be beholden to Magneto for this.

art.the.nerd said...

And the reason you think that she needs food, water, air, etc., while intangible is -- why, exactly?

grifter said...

if you go back to that issue where she boards that missile/bullet, it's not a solid object all throughout. she finds a compartment/room and she's puzzled why its empty and there's no guidance system. and then falls to the floor realizing why it is.

there's no need to be intangible 24/7 while on a presumably one way trip to nowhere. the only time she did was to make the whole missile intangible so it can pass through Earth. so she's there sitting on the floor, pondering her fate. meanwhile, considering a lot has happened since (Messiah Complex, Skrull Invasion, Dark Reign), am kinda leaning towards her being hungry and thirsty. i'll give a pass to some kind of "magic oxygen" in the compartment.