Wednesday, February 3, 2010

atomic fate

drive-by readings

The Atom & Hawkman #46 (DC)
"Bye Bye Birdie"
Geoff Johns
Ryan Sook
Fernando Pasarin
Nick Napolitano

a presumably one-shot following the final issue (#45) back in November 1969, The Atom & Hawkman #46 begins with a recap of what Ray Palmer's life's been so far (new fans will remember the Identity Crisis period) and details the moments as he becomes deputized as an Indigo Lantern deep in the midst of Blackest Night. his best friend Hawkman (with Kendra), now a Black Lantern, attempts to bring him over to the dark side, and is saved momentarily by his sponsor, Indigo-1. to enable her to contact the rest of her tribe, Ray has to protect her from all comers including his bitch of a wife Jean Loring (who makes him relive that night she kills Sue Dibny). his success fittingly puts him back into major player status, something i've been looking forward to, with all due respect to Ryan Choi. Geoff Johns makes hay while the night is still young, and Ryan Sook's fluid art complements him perfectly. now if only Sook also drew the X-Force issues of Necrosha ...

and here we have another case of DC's adeptness in typos.

does AIG work for you, Ray?

ironically, Ray refines his ex-wife's tested killing method.

in the land of tinier people, the Atom is king.

my, my, Mr. Palmer, what language.

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