Friday, February 19, 2010

snaps: Doomwar #1

... where we see a much sensible powerplay unfold as compared to invading a mythical kingdom over Oklahoma. Doomwar plays second banana to Siege, but Dr. Doom takes a backseat to no one, even as he's been cast out of Norman Osborn's Cabal. Doom's messing with the Asgardians was part of Loki's machinations, as much as Siege is. failing that (and he had these things in play much much earlier), Doom concentrates on taking the vibranium from Wakanda, which despite a highly tech-savvy country is one of the most unstable as all Black Panther stories (go ahead, check 'em) have T'Challa dealing with coup d'etats and invasions in one form or another. oh, and right now, he's gone to ask the X-Men for help to rescue his bride and take his homeland back.

what do you mean, "mutant peoples"??

oh, oh! you wanna play it that way, Mister High and Mighty Cause He Got Hissown Island?

rumor has it that Latveria used to be a Confederate state ...

why does it look like they're headed for the beach? and it looks like Logan's gonna scoooooooore!

oooohhhh Shuri! your father, Tom Cruise, won't like that!

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