Wednesday, February 10, 2010

more inkblots for the Heroic Age

hmmm .... the Internetz have been screaming Wanda, Valkyrie, Emma Frost, Shroud, Moon Knight, The Hood even ...

my money is on a tiara-less Scarlet Witch, and the Jason Todd Batman ... no, wait. it's probably the Sentry. no, wait, with all his recent ripping-people-in-half activities, there's no way he should be operating in secret. ok, fine, its Parker Robbins (whose name sounds like a paperback fiction novelist).

hold up ... if its the Heroic Age, why would anybody still want to operate in secret? (except Nick Fury of course)

or they could be "Secret Avengers" ... because they don't know they're Avengers (yeah. you read it here first. Mind. Control.)

update: on the first teaser shot, i was a quarter-right. it is a nerd ... a nerd named Hank McCoy.

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