Tuesday, February 2, 2010

snaps: Wolverine/Wendigo one shot

... where Wolverine takes on the Wendigo, one more time. and on Thor, which turns out to be a much-cliched somebody-got-mind-controlled situation (ho-hum). oh, and the God of Thunder is introduced to jägermeisters! Frank Tieri's not called a hard-hitting writer for nothin'.

hey, be thankful its not a Sasquatch documentary - Walter Langkowski did a lot more than groping!!

Alpha Flight: Canada's finest ... beer. so sad.

let me get this straight: Tony Stark entrusted enough information to the underground Avengers to bring his comatose body to Broxton, Oklahoma for Dr. Donald Blake. but here, it looks Logan just goes to check out the place because he has no idea what the hell is going on. outstanding.

and he goes straight to a bar sponsored by ... Pepsi. ooohhh, tough.

ok ... Logan's got a brother? a pain-in-the-ass brother?? did he decapitate him recently? or is this pesky sibling still alive? do tell us, bro!!!


Gloria said...

I'd like to hear master Izo's opinion on that beer, although I don't think he likes the low-alcohol version, Alpha Lite

grifter said...

hahahahaha!! you're funny, Gloria!