Friday, February 5, 2010

hairy valentines

drive-by readings

Wolverine: Weapon X #10 (Marvel)
"Love and The Wolverine"
Jason Aaron
CP Smith
Cory Petit
Adam Kubert/Morry Hollowell (cover)

Logan has a gurlfwiend! Logan has a gurlfwiend! a light and endearing romp through Logan's love life after the last few issues of vivisection, vital organs, loony bins and Dr. Rot, though it seem out of place for a comic called "Weapon X". the lucky lady who suddenly finds herself with the key to Logan's ticker is Melita Garner, tough Frisco reporter who's been introduced with this book. the story is strung upon two people trying to deal with their feelings, especially with the rawness and newness of it all, and touches upon aspects of women who have considered Logan a friend or shared his heart (and most likely, bed). who knew that Logan's first experience was with an illegal immigrant? and he made it with a couple of non-humans? (i bet it was with a Skrull and a Sh'iar, both gender-ambivalent) otherwise, there's all the usual suspects - Yukio, Black Widow, Rogue, and possibly Storm (there's an alternate universe where they end up together). of course, there's that pesky Mystique. i'd list a few omissions but there's probably an explanation. Kitty? M.I.A. Jean Grey? dead, presumably. Yuriko? more hate than love. hey, Domino is also on the cover (and for sure they've knocked boots more than once), but nothing mentioned here. but that's alright. Jason Aaron has a heart, after all.

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