Thursday, April 15, 2010

heckling from the peanut gallery, part 4a

the call to assemble has gone out again, and we the people, the huddled masses of collateral damage from the disassembling, house of m-ing, civil warring, planet hulking, secret invading, and dark reigning, exercise our right to yell our opinion from the streets, as is our democratic right. we had the regular Avengers, then it was the New Avengers', followed by the young pups of Avengers Academy, excruciatingly, Marvel has revealed four of the not-so Secret Avengers in recent weeks. most of the speculation on who the characters are looks to be correct. they shoulda just drawn stick figures, just to drive fans even nuttier.

"what, you can't pick a permanent team??"
"does Trish Tilby know about this? by the way, she still claims you're gay."
"say, how do we know you're not the Dark Beast??"

"and which personality are you this time?"
"you know the sign on your chest means 'cent', right? like fitty cent?"
"the Zapata Bros are waiting for you to call for their shot at the big time."
"i don't think you're striving enough. wait, that was Khonshu talking."

"are you sure you don't want to go back to the Defenders?"
"Dani Moonstar wants you to help her out of Utopia."
"you know if you run into the Hulk, he can swing you and Moon Knight by your capes and toss you across three state lines, right?"
"so have you lost control before? do tell ..."

"you know you're still Iron Man lite, right?"
"hey, can you transform into a cool car?"
"how do you eat peanuts?"


Vic | Brochures Printing Online said...

LOL! Yeah, now that you mentioned it WM looks like a member of the Transformers. :-)

I am not sure adding Moon Knight in the roster of the Secret Avengers. Well guess its up to us to find out.

grifter said...

Rhodey is even copping the Cyborg look, and DC probably wasn't amused. if he was capable of transforming, that would make him a bit unique.

Moon Knight's like the weird cousin you barely acknowledge at family reunions. they probably deleted his files in the West Coast Avengers archives. or kept it encrypted and promptly forgot the password. even Jarvis agreed.