Friday, March 5, 2010

heckling from the peanut gallery, part 2

the call to assemble has gone out again, and we the people, the huddled masses of collateral damage from the disassembling, house of m-ing, civil warring, planet hulking, secret invading, and dark reigning, exercise our right to yell our opinion from the streets, as is our democratic right. the first time around, we yelled at the regular Avengers. this time, its the new ones. wait, what?

"sure, sure, your pals from Yancy Street just adore ya. sellout."
"so is it really friends or family first?"
"shouldn't you change the logo on your belt so the '4' can look like an 'A' at a certain angle?"

"really? didn't you run away and hide when Captain Hero killed Danny and they all thought you did?"
"how come ya look like a tanned Crusher Creel?"
"your tiara sells on eBay for $13.95!"

"didn't you get fired?"
"Jackpot on line 2, a Felicia on line 3, and oh, your roommate Michelle wants the rent pronto!"
"responsibility, schmesponsibility ... your Aunt just had her 109th heart attack and you're posing for the press junket."

"and that means doing what ... exactly?"
"let's see you put your money where your mouth is. two words: Romulus and Daken."
"by the way, a new Alpha Flight is being formed next month and they want you in!"

"if you're here, who's taking care of the baby?"
"can't you have a better codename than a pop-country singer who used to live in a van?"
"i guess you and Luke both wear the pants in the family."

most of these people were New Avengers. so .... status quo.

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