Saturday, March 20, 2010

snaps: Green Arrow #31

... where we see Oliver Queen continue his fall from grace, shooting arrows at everything all the way down. i wonder where this is leading to. is he going to be an anti-hero, getting into conflict with the moralistic DCU heroes from time to time? it would be worth it as long we can also see some upper-tier DC bad guys end up dead on the JLA stoop as well. oh wait, can we just get Zatanna to wipe everyone's memory that Ollie killed Prometheus? what, too soon??

c'mon, it was just a burst of light, Jordan. you wuss.

"every time you see him-?" even since the Silver Age. fuck you, Barry. go back to the timestream, you ass on a high horse.

he thinks he's inconspicuous?

oh, look who stole some speed from Flash! liberal hippie versus fascists! hold Page One!!!

"including that time you made me drink vodka from the feeding bottle, you parenting model!"

what the deuce?? how are we sure that's not Cupid?

on the other hand, we don't mind. anyone who takes "Electrocutioner" as his code name deserves an arrow right thru the head.

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