Wednesday, March 17, 2010

snaps: Siege #3

... where it seems to easy for Osborn to be beaten, much less sell the Asgard plot to the American public and just flout the law. well, its a four-issue series, Bendis promised a lot of action and breakneck pacing, and he's probably tired of critics. its pretty much okay, as i'm pretty much tired of Osborn and i'm looking forward to the Heroic Age. but first, what to do with the Sentry/Void? ah, that's for the last issue.

i can totally visualize Prez Obama saying that. i don't care what you say.

what's next for her? a four-issue mini-series called "Talk to The Hand"?

Tony's like a moon rocket - can't go anywhere without a blast. *

* paraphrased from Iron Man vol. 1 #171

oh well - you finally made yourself useful!!


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