Friday, March 5, 2010

playing with fire

drive-by readings

Justice League: Cry For Justice #7 (DC)
James Robinson
Mauro Cascioli
Scott Clark
Ibraim Roberson
David Beaty
Siya Oum
Giovani Kososki
Steve Wands

this series mercifully ends, with the Internet broken in half, from apathy and indignation. the way this series progressed, i increasingly leaned toward the latter. it seemed more and more like a shock jock show - oh, look, they cut off Roy's arm! will Supergirl's head be next? in the end, what was Prometheus' purpose? its not like he wants to outwit the League, though he did that in spades - it was more like he wanted to be a mass murderer and had a death wish (which by now, y'all knew he got it). that seemed out of character for a character that had so much potential since Grant Morrison created him. he's really Luthor with the balls to get his hands dirty. and for all the dazzling painted artwork of Mauro Cascioli, this issue is not served by having others help out with the work. but who cares eh? in a couple of years, we'd all but forgotten Prometheus was even dead (because he'd be alive somewhere and being a pain in the butt again).

foreshadowing much? but when did threatening a supervillain ever work? you give him a tumor first!

"Electrocutioner"? is lame codenames the new black?

see Ray have tiny gimpy leg. see Ray suddenly have a normal leg.

four words: get. a. friggin'. room.

oh, who are you kidding?? he'll be back within two years.

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