Saturday, March 13, 2010

heckling from the peanut gallery, part 3

the call to assemble has gone out again, and we the people, the huddled masses of collateral damage from the disassembling, house of m-ing, civil warring, planet hulking, secret invading, and dark reigning, exercise our right to yell our opinion from the streets, as is our democratic right. first, we first gave the regular Avengers a piece of our minds, then it was the New Avengers' turn. now, step up, kids from Avengers Academy, and let's take a gander at ya.

"aren't you that weird Paper Doll chick that fought Spider-Man?"
"how long are you gonna live? will you make it till graduation?"
"say, can you wrap these gifts for me? i'd appreciate it, thanks!"

"think yer pretty clever, aintcha?"
"i think you should meet Santo from those new X-kids in Utopia. he's just like you."
"say, can you provide the lighting for my gig/dance party this weekend? thanks!"

"is Komodo from the Initiative your sister? how about the Lizard? Killer Croc?"
"those claws sure would annoy the heck out of people when used against a blackboard."
"but might the future hurt you?"
"how do you eat at a Chinese restaurant?"

"oh yeah? so you can pee standing up better than me?"
"you sure you're not that Jackpot chick?"
"hey, did Mockingbird give you those battle staves?"

"gaaaaahhhh!! its the Red Skull! run!!!"
"respect? can you settle for fear? 'cause you're scary, mister."
"why Fortress? because no one can get inside you? how about air?"

"aren't you supposed to be the one who's not gonna live long?"
"yeah i mean, did you watch The Hurt Locker? well, its not nuke or chemical materials but hey, you get the idea ..."
"wow, a positive reactive power - that's cool. i guess you'll be sitting around most of the time."

what's the odds that these kids will be collateral damage and die within a year or two? and will Kang be their first test? what happens to the Young Avengers?

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