Sunday, March 14, 2010

things i liked this week

in no particular order:

Secret Six #19 (DC)
Gail Simone/Jim Calafiore/Jason Wright/Travis Lanham (cover: Daniel Luvisi)
this series, just like its characters, is downright dangerous and unpredictable. a slam-bang smash every month.

Batman & Robin #10 (DC)
Grant Morrison/Andy Clarke/Scott Hanna/Alex Sinclair/Pat Brosseau
suddenly this title got interesting again. yes, it ties in with the whole return of the one and only Bruce Wayne. Morrison gets the characterization right on the money. and am i the only one who finds Oberon Sexton cool?

Wolverine Weapon X #11 (Marvel)
Jason Aaron/Ron Garney/Jason Keith/Cory Petit
Deathlok! Captain America! Wolverine! and of course, beers! what's not to like?

Punisher Max #5 (Marvel)
Jason Aaron/Steve Dillon/Matt Hollingsworth/Cory Petit (cover: Dave Johnson)
i don't know which is more cringe-inducing: Wilson Fisk's ability to not care about anything, or Frank's final punch-up with The Mooninite Mennonite.

Hellboy: Bride of Hell (Dark Horse)
Mike Mignola/Richard Corben/Dave Stewart/Clem Robins
yeah i know, this is a bit late, but hey, better late than never. Mike Mignola's stories are never boring.

Criminal: The Sinners #5 (Icon//Marvel)
Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips/Val Staples
The Sinners comes to a fitting end - doesn't that remind you a bit of the Boondock Saints? and with all the beating Tracy Lawless got in this issue, i felt as if i got pulped myself.

The Waking #1 (Zenescope)
Raven Gregory/Vic Drujiniu/Mark Roberts/Crank! (cover: David Finch)
its like if the cast of Friends got smarter and became detectives. with snappy dialogue. oh, and dead people wake up. where have we seen that before?

Prelude to Deadpool Corps #2 (Marvel)
Victor Gischler/Whilce Portacio/Jamie Mendoza/Thomas Mason/Clayton Cowles (cover: Dave Johnson)
somebody should explore this alternate dimension more: a topsy-turvy Xavier School featuring the X-teens that spirals into chaos everyday because of Wade Wilson. loads of fun!

Amazing Spider-Man #624 (Marvel)
Mark Waid/Tom Peyer/Paul Azaceta/Javier Rodriguez/Andres Mossa/Joe Caramagna (cover: Michael Lark and Jodi Wynne)
and here we go. with all the complaining Marvel got about Peter's direction in life, well here it is, Spidey fans: the bottom of the barrel. oopps, wait. what's that? it gets even worse?

The Sword #22 (Image)
Luna Brothers
hurtling towards its action-packed finale. not for the squeamish.

Wolverine: Savage (one shot, Marvel)
Ryan Dunlavey/Richard Elson/Veronica Gandini/Dave Sharpe (cover: J. Scott Campbell)
Wolverine preparing sushi! no joke!!

Daytripper #4 (Vertigo/DC)
Fabio Moon/Gabriel Ba/Dave Stewart/Sean Konot
another bittersweet tale from the acclaimed tandem of Moon/Ba. perfect for the rainy weekend.

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