Monday, June 21, 2010

tweets after the fact

will be hitting Midtown Comics later for @brianmbendis, @mattfraction, @edbrubaker & @christosgage signing. #heavybackpack

OH SHIT!! @Agent_M Photo: Tonight’s event at @MidtownComics. I hear tell that lines are already forming.

thanks to @edbrubaker @brianmbendis and @mattfraction for the signings. props to @midtowncomics but book limit sucks.

i brought a lot of Bru books but only managed to get my Death of Capt America trade signed (special bec it already had Epting's & Perkin's).

i should've wangled Incognito as an additional book to be signed. didn't even get to joke about @edbrubaker's hat and Eisners. #grumpy

i should've wangled UXM Sisterhood trade as an additional book 2 be signed for @mattfraction. didn't even get 2 say congrats 4 his new baby.

but i got all my @brianmbendis books signed, God bless the man. but didn't even get to ask about the Marvel Avengers retreat.

come to think of it, i didn't get to yell "don't kill Bucky!!!" at @edbrubaker.

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