Tuesday, June 15, 2010

z return of z baron

drive-by readings

Captain America #606 (Marvel)
"No Escape, Part 1"
Ed Brubaker
Butch Guice
Dean White
Joe Caramagna
Joe Sabino
Marko Djurdjevic (cover)

to kick off the Heroic Age, Bucky Barnes is now firmly and officially the Captain America of these times. and with that ascension, snakes have come crawling out of the woodwork. a certain snake whose name starts with a Z. hey, how come this guy never bites it? its actually a failure for Steve Rogers himself, way back in the Mansion Siege. now Buck has to clean the mess up. interestingly, since this is Zemo Jr., and Buck's the younger Cap, then they should really become each other's mortal enemy and bitter rival.

knowing what we know in Jeff Parker's new Thunderbolts, Zemo already made his official appearance to the world, "recruiting" Luke Cage's team. and i'm a bit stunned to see the Fixer here helping out the Baron, considering its been established that he's switched sides a long time ago. true, he's been a Baron loyalist, but i'm a little sick of (comic) betrayals lately. why can't the bad guys be good for a change? also, why is the Wrecking Crew still on the streets after Siege?

i can take the Ghost being a sleeper, because that guy's just dirt. i assume he's been (re)planted into the Thunderbolts program, but then again what is Zemo's point, aside from the destruction of anyone wearing the Captain America uniform? he's nowhere near going to control the world as it is, and even if he had the Cosmic Cube, that's a hollow victory.

Butch Guice is now handling full art chores, providing a seamless transition from when he was inking Luke Ross. not sure if i'm really sold on the art work though. maybe i just miss Michael Lark.

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