Thursday, June 17, 2010

the Devil you don't know

over at the Weekly Crisis, i agreed with Ryan about wanting to see Daredevil become a 'bad guy' in the non-traditional sense, more of an anti-hero like the Punisher. he has a very deep sense of justice, though his faith has been shaken very hard through the years. taking control of the Hand and its army of ninjas (cue in Ninja Rap), he may have made a lot more enemies, including his superhero friends who may not turn a blind eye (pun intended) to his activities. and wait till he meets the Punisher, who's had many-a-clash through the years, with one memorable time when Frank tied him up, but leaving him a gun to stop him (Frank) from assassinating a crime boss.

and with the return of the Snake Root (a nod to an era of Daredevil i like, but apparently quite a few don't) and with the fact he may be oblivious to being manipulated, this is a summer event i'm looking forward to that's not related to mutant genocide, heroes vs. zombies, or intergalactic wars.

go, white boy, go white boy go!!!

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Ryan K Lindsay said...

Glad you agreed, mate, I think there are possibilities here to shake up the title. Lets see where they go...