Friday, June 18, 2010

coming on strong

drive-by readings

Tom Strong & The Robots of Doom #1 (America's Best Comics)
"Part One: Black Sun Rising"
Peter Hogan
Chris Sprouse
Karl Story
Todd Klein
Carrie Strachan
JH Williams III (variant cover)

without much of a backgrounder or having had the pleasure of reading the Alan Moore-penned back issues, i just jumped into this with an uncluttered mind, and i doubt if my experience would have been any less fulfilling than if i did have the prior knowledge. all i had going for me was "scientist/explorer" (i had this thought in my head that my one of my childhood heroes, Tom Swift, grew up and became Tom Strong). anyway, this new book has Tom's timeline being hijacked by his Aryan supremacist son Albrecht (heh), with the latter getting to wipe out the other races (oooooooohhh!! Limbaugh and Beck and the other right-wing zealots are gonna love you, Albrecht). with the whole world under his control, all time machines destroyed, and Albrecht's mom Ingrid waiting in the wings to have Tom for herself forever, what's a man gonna do? (hey, is this related to the events over in JSA?) and with that note, i resolve to go to the back issue bin, and dig up all the Tom Strong/Chris Sprouse goodness.

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