Friday, June 25, 2010

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Avengers #2 (Marvel)
Brian Michael Bendis
John Romita Jr.
Klaus Janson
Dean White
Cory Petit
when we last left the new, improved Avengers, they've been visited by Kang and told that their offspring are messing up the future, and they need to whup those whippersnappers in line. Tony Stark apparently has a lot of shiny things (especially those that are used to wipe out life) except the one gadget to get them into the particular timeline. so they go recruit Space Ghost Penis ... sorry, Marvel Boy a.k.a. Noh-Varr (who's conveniently beating up the Titanium Man), and ask him to build them a thingamadoo.

but oh, he needs a lot of things to build that thing, so like i said earlier:

... including a lot of douchebaggery to spare, apparently.

i mean, seriously, he's been rebooted but he read the files on what he did, and now he's like a reborn chatterbox, cheerful and spry. i mean in his own book, he's mostly subdued but with bits and pieces of his bravado and arrogance still shining through. here in the Avengers, its like he has the insatiable need to impress everyone, be it that he has stuff, or that he's thoroughly capable of building anything.

maybe he should loan some of that confidence to this guy, his one-time pupil (nobody remembers that Iron Spider suit anymore huh?)

seriously. its only in this book that he's not a lovable loser. lovable, but never a loser. once he's on his own, he's like the unluckiest dude in New York City.

question: do they really have to make Thor lift a huge piece of machinery (that apparently has a computer terminal where Spidey's doing some web surfing - hah!) just to show that he can lift tons? apparently, they bribed him with some pizza.

and take note: when Noh-Varr completes his thingamadoo (mere minutes after above panel), it works on its own without that thing that Thor is lifting, or whatever Tony was building. in just six panels. so basically what we're seeing here is Tony is doing something completely unrelated to their magic timeline viewer, and Thor is just lifting stuff to impress someone.

you mean this pony? no, thanks.

ok, so they find their kids timeline, and now they need a way to get to them. but they're interrupted twice. first by an old friend, who somehow lost his mullet, when he smashed into the Tower (any Avengers abode is liable to be damaged or destroyed every 17 minutes - so that one dollar Avengers mansion? Tony's laughing the last at the potential cost of periodic repairs once their rogues gallery start targeting Luke and company).

why is Simon talking like he's never been friends with any of them? is this another characterization assassination, much like when everyone turned into blood-hungry turds during Civil War?

oh, and the second interruption's looking like an Apocalypse with his Horsemen from some alternate future. they keep theorizing Kang may have broken time, and it will be broken everywhere, and this event certainly is some kind of evidence of that. but shouldn't things just disintegrate into chaos rapidly if this were so?

apparently, there's a side mission first before they even get to the future to confront their kids (think of all the Bendisian dialogue that's gonna happen with the adult Avengers talking down to their young 'uns), and i'll bet that before all else is said and done they'll be teaming up against Kang and the Maestro Hulk (of course its always a Hulk). but i really wanna know what's up with Simon (Wanda? Wanda, is that you?).

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