Thursday, June 10, 2010

heart of darkness

drive-by readings

Secret Six #22 (DC)
Gail Simone
Jim Calafiore
Jason Wright
Travis Lanham
Daniel Luvisi (cover)

i have been anticipating this concluding issue of the 'Cats in the Cradle' storyline since it started, and Gail Simone doesn't disappoint me. the kidnapping of Catman's son was a surefire way to nudge the character into a radically different direction. when Villains United started, Catman was the odd man out in terms of being the team conscience and eventually the team's heart, as he's become the silent leader (Bane and Scandal notwithstanding). and for Deadshot to evolve into a loyal friend of sorts, that's a leader of men. Bruce Wayne, for all the loyalty he engenders with his Bat-family and the Justice League, still does crazy things that make his friends want to smack him upside the head every once in a while. Catman is the strong, silent type and has a bunch of lions with him. but with him going off the dark side of the pier, will he now become a true villain? say it ain't so, Roy Harper!

i'm also intrigued that they haven't made a big deal yet of Ragdoll's uhh, equipment until today. i mean Reed Richards should be the ultimate joke, and i don't know if Sue and Ralph joked about it overtly in JLI. Plas should also be the Richards equivalent, but if they don't want to smear his cutesy rep, then Ragdoll is the candidate then. call him Brian Michael Bendy.

and hey since we mentioned Roy, man, this is really a blow to Jade. so she lost Lian, can't get a rise out of Roy, and now lost another. no matter, she gets around anyway right? if there's a mystical process to shorten the 9 month period so she can go set off nukes right after having babies, am sure she would do that.

listen, if you're hungry and angry, Catman has the solution for you. will not work for everyone though.

look, the ending is ambiguous. i'll just say that his son is alive. period. the journey to the heart of darkness is front and center here.

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