Friday, June 11, 2010

prissy prissy bang bang

drive-by readings

Rawhide Kid: The Sensational Seven #1 (Marvel)
Ron Zimmerman
Howard Chaykin
Edgar Delgado
Jeff Eckleberry
John Cassaday (cover)

this is where i make peace with the fact that one of my childhood cowboy friends is a fast-drawing elegant metrosexual. right. breathe deeply. exhale. how ya doin', Kid?

that's just his way of saying he blows. i kid, i kid.

Rawhide Kid saunters into Tombstone, where he discovers the Earp brothers have been kidnapped by an old unfriendly acquaintance named Cristo Pike. most of this he learns from his good gal pal, Annie Oakley, who's probably not as fetching in real life.

does "continental lifestyle pleasures" include eating snails and horses? just asking.

he dresses well, he's a deadeye, he fixes hair, and to top it off, he can quiet an unruly crowd and lay a beating on bullies with the best of them. yeah, he doesn't like the name calling so you's better watch that potty mouth, boy.

with the threat of Pike hanging the Earp brothers, the Kid decides to rustle up a posse to mount a rescue, and one of them fellers is probably below:

hey, did you rape Mockingbird?

actually, its a fun read, and riffing off The Magnificent Seven, this looks to be a nice trip back to the Old West, Marvel-style.

say, Kid, what do you do to keep your face clean and smooth while riding out there?

which reminds me ... i need to get Red Dead Redemption so bad.

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