Sunday, July 4, 2010

the weekly hits

no time to do much this holiday weekend, so i'll just settle for doing the weekly hits.

Action Comics #890 (DC)
Paul Cornell/Pete Woods/Brad Anderson/Rob Leigh (covers: David Finch/Joe Weems/Peter Steigerwald)
what we learned: Lex Luthor is a sick devious bastard (yeah i guess you can consider his Earth-Two counterpart mostly from the same cloth). after his stint as an Orange Lantern, he wants to wield any kind of ring again (black?), and he'll stop at nothing to get one. to this end, he invents some kind of black ring energy detecting/mapping device. Woods didn't impress during Amazons Attack! but he's rolling now.
holy shit moment: before he gets started on his plans, a bunch of superpowered beings drop by and kidnap him, culminating in the reveal of their leader ... another certain sick devious bastard in the form of a worm.
what's next: exclamation: awesome!

Wonder Woman #600 (DC)
Gail Simone/Amanda Conner/Louise Simonson/Geoff Johns/J. Michael Straczynski/George Perez/Eduardo Pansica/Scott Kolins/Don Kramer/Scott Koblish/Bob Wiacek/Michael Babinski/Hi-Fi/Paul Mounts/Pete Pantazis/Michael Atiyeh/Alex Sinclair/Travis Lanham/John J. Hill/Nick J. Napolitano (and a bunch of masters of pin-ups!)
what we learned: what else can we say about this that hasn't been said yet? to recap, maybe you should go over to When Fangirls Attack. just remember this issue has five stories in it, not just the costume change.
holy shit moment: personally, i prefer the pin-ups. sue me.
what's next: i want Power Girl to explain "manga monster" to Diana. please? pretty please?

Batman Beyond #1 (DC)
Adam Beechen/Ryan Benjamin/John Stanisci/David Baron/Travis Lanham (cover: Dustin Nguyen, variant: J.H. Williams II)

what we learned: somebody is offing Batman's old enemies, and his name probably rhymes with "slush". also, gimpy old Bruce Wayne needs to be slapped for years of child abuse and slave labor, not even allowing future protege the luxury of sleep.
holy shit moment: "slush".
what's next: "slush".

Justice Society of America #40 (DC)
Bill Willingham/Jesus Merino/Jesse Delperdang/Rob Leigh/Allen Passalaqua
what we learned: i learned that am a little thrown off when the expected thrilling conclusion to a nail-biting story comes off as a post-event narrative. and a long one at that.
holy shit moment: Obsidian is gay? really? i probably don't read enough! dammit! and him and his old man hate the Yankees? oh no, they didn't!!
what's next: apparently, something called the Dark Things, and a(nother) crossover with the JLA.

Thor #611 (Marvel)
Kieron Gillen/Rich Elson/Andy Troy/Joe Sabino (cover: Mico Suayan/Laura Martin)
what we learned: oh Loki, what have ye wrought? even in death (and i use that term loosely, because we all know the bugger is alive), his mischief yields other bad things, as the Disir, the cursed dead-eating maidens of Bor, now servants to Mephisto, wants to have the Asgardian dead under Hela's protection to be on their all-you-can-eat menu.
holy shit moment: the Disir are no slouches in combat. Hela? regular unbelieving Asgardian? (motions finger across throat)
what's next: are we gonna see a Mephisto/Disir orgy? whoooooaaaaa. you did not just imagine that in your head.

Secret Avengers #2 (Marvel)
Ed Brubaker/Mike Deodato/Will Conrad/Rain Beredo/Dave Lanphear (cover: Marko Djurdjevic)
what we learned: the mystery of the Serpent Crown deepens. we know Nova got taken over by the Crown, and he's without his Worldmind helmet. its strangely appealing to see Moon Knight addressing Steve as "Commander" and generally being a team player, and for Rhodey not to take any BS from the rookie hero Eric O'Grady.
holy shit moment: there are three crowns?
what's next: who. is. this. Nick. Fury? Jake?

Astonishing X-Men #34 (Marvel)
Warren Ellis/Phil Jimenez/Andy Lanning/Frank D'Armata/Joe Caramagna
what we learned: Armor is 8 years old, Storm can read topography with the weather patterns, and their newest villain's aspirations and breadth of work may rival Bastion's in the current Second Coming crossover.
holy shit moment: you may want the action part. but the opening philosophical debate between Hank McCoy and Scott Summers was a long time in coming.
what's next: who is this Kaga, and why is he bald and in a wheelchair?

Flash #3 (DC)
Geoff Johns/Francis Manapul/Brian Buccellato/Sal Cipriano (variant cover: Greg Horn)
what we learned: Barry Allen is being set up for murder and a bunch of future Rogues (Renegades) are trying to arrest him. also the original Cap'n Boomerang is back, trim and fit. see, there's hope for fat people like me who have one foot in the grave.
holy shit moment: the reborn Digger Harkness can conjure up energy boomerangs from thin air? take that, Fred Myers!
what's next: i hope its a punch up or a team up between Barry and Digger, as i'm warming up to this series ...

Death of Dracula (one shot) (Marvel)
Victor Gischler/Guiseppe Camuncoli/Onofrio Cattachio/Frank D'Armata/Jeff Eckleberry (cover: Camuncoli/Marko Djurdjevic)
what we learned: capitalizing on #twihard, the vampires are about to make a return splash to the MU. apparently, there's a bunch of vampire sects operating out there ruled by Lord Dracula (huh? didn't he die in Captain Britain & MI:13?), and his son Xarus decides that they should stop trying to keep to themselves and mounts a coup (hence the title of this book). he's got an ace up his sleeve - they can now become daywalkers, you see. his other son Janus is on the other side of the fence, and in this regard, he may have to call the X-Men. or Blade.
holy shit moment: well, the death of Dracula, duh. although it was too easy. even the MU heroes had a hard time beating him.
what's next: We Are the X-Men. Gischler takes over mutant writer duties.

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