Saturday, July 10, 2010

snaps: Batman - Odyssey #1

... where Neal Adams returns to writing/drawing the Bruce Wayne Batman and he gets off being hairy, getting shot and scaring the Commish. and he deals with stupidly-named illegal aliens.

ever wondered why Batman didn't have Brillo pads in his utility belt? now you know.

the legendary Michael Golden, is now an assocate. for those who don't know, assocate means a dainty delicacy from the town in the province of Como, Italy.

see, if he carried guns all the time, he wouldn't need Arkham Asylum or Blackgate prison, and wouldn't worry about villains escaping all the time.

"ABDOMEN!" that's what you wanted to say, right, Bats? ABDOMEN!

this man is very serious. he talks like a hip El Paso yuppie. and he calls Batman "The Stupid".

see, he even has an exit strategy! quick, make this man our financial adviser, pronto!!

oh, his exit strategy is to blow himself up?? aw hell no!! you suck!!!

didn't you do the same thing, Jason? oh wait ... is that you, Dick?

and on weekend nights, he masquerades as a luchador. Maniaco? WTF.

and this is why secretly Jim Gordon prefers Dick Grayson as Batman. Bruce was liable to kill him with a heart attack as much as Killer Croc biting his head off.

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