Wednesday, July 21, 2010

full circle, part 1

drive-by readings

Second Coming #2 (Marvel)
Zeb Wells
Ibraim Roberson
Matt Milla
Mike Carey
Esad Ribic
Matt Wilson
Craig Kyle
Christopher Yost
Greg Land
Jay Leisten
Frank Martin
Matt Fraction
Terry Dodson
Rachel Dodson
Brad Anderson
Joe Caramagna
Clayton Cowles
Joe Sabino
Adi Granov (cover)
David Finch/Matt Banning/Peter Steigerwald (variant cover)
so this is the end of the one of the more exciting X-Crossovers in recent years (i'm still partial to Messiah Complex). Hope's initial worth was a few limbs, and the lives of Kurt and oh yeah ... that guy on the cover above. if you didn't see that coming ... well, i guess some of us didn't, despite the obvious buzz on Nightcrawler's death. hey, if you Google "cable is dead", all the top hits are about the ex-Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable. no respect for you, Nathan.

the final story is divided into four chapters, and the first one is easily the most interesting. there's Peter getting his broken arm reset (25000 PSI!). there's Magneto showing flashes of his old self (quite characteristic actually). and there's that poignant shot of Hope holding her known father figure's arm (all that remained of him). i can't believe they're getting rid of Cable this easily. then again, this is comics. he'll probably come back as a baby as well.

if i have a beef with the first chapter, its this:

we know Karma lost her leg several issues ago. either they created costumes (unstable molecules!) for her that really ends high up that leg, or she never changed clothes since.

chapter 2 has a flashback with Hope and Cable, and kind of confirms in a way that he may not be gone forever. erstwhile best pal Deadpool shows up at his funeral (and the 3rd chapter will show why). Magneto is there of course, full costume and all, and its ironic, for someone who remembers the '90s.

in chapter 3, we have a philosophical argument between Storm and Wolverine about X-Force, and they agree to disagree. Logan disbands the rest of the team, and reports back to Cyclops of the dissolution. Scott heroically confirms that he'll do it all over again, and is even willing to go to jail if the oh-so-heroic Avengers ever learn about their activities and attempt to arrest him. despite their differences over the years (not the least of which was fighting over a certain redhead), Scott and Logan are the perfect foils to each other and work well as anyone. that relationship is going to be strained when Scott learns about this:

is Warren holding a gun? Psylocke too? and why are they all facing us? was there a presscon and they need to pose, a la Dark Avengers? are they LMDs? Deadpool finally gets to be a full time member of an X-team. sort of. by the way, is Logan required to change costumes when doing X-Force meetings?

so, Uncanny X-Force it is.

two things on the last chapter: Emma gets the bejeezus scared out of there because of some connection between Jean Grey/Phoenix and Hope (redheads just won't die), and Namor getting to be more and more of a team player (a gruff one at that, and he can't shoot the rock a lick). the co-opting of Magneto and Namor under the X-banner is one of the most welcome events in X-Men history. like i keep repeating on this blog, do not turn back the clock and make them villains again.


Emperor.Kaizer. said...

Seriously Madison Jeffries is starting to freak me out. His obvious sexual tension with Danger in one of the earlier issues of New Mutants and his insane talk with Karma's robotic/ prosthetic leg is downright creepy.

Magingat ang mga batang robot sa mutant na to...

grifter said...

good point. Box is another of those unused mutants with much potential (digging back into the past with Alpha Flight). that being said, i don't think he's more of a weirdo than Forge.

Astro Boy, meet Madison Jeffries.