Friday, July 16, 2010

aligned moon

drive-by readings

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #10 (Marvel)
"Team Player"
Gregg Hurwitz
Juan Jose Ryp
Andres Mossa
Joe Caramagna
Francesco Mattina (cover)
its great to see Juan Jose Ryp in a non-Warren Ellis blood-and-gore-raining Avatar-published work. it may not fit his style in the long run, but he does a good job here - the level of detail and line work can be dazzling. thumbs up.

so, what do we make of 616's resident loony hero? well, there was a time when he wasn't that loony, and Gregg Hurwitz thankfully brings that part of him back. maybe its just luck that he got over the hump by himself, just in time for Captain America Steve Rogers to offer him (Secret) Avenger membership. last couple of times this happened, Moon Knight spurned Iron Man and escaped a lopsided battle with Norman Osborn.

now we see him becoming a team player for Rogers' weird bunch (how long is this thing going to be a secret?), and reining in his murderous urges for the most part. he's like the Hulk, since you're not sure if he's gonna snap sometime soon (Rogers could have implanted him with nanotech failsafes for all we know). although it seems MK is the wild card or odd man out here, i don't think Hank is suited for fighting pirates, or deep sea creatures (experience with S.W.O.R.D. notwithstanding). i don't know, it just seems really ... off. he's the science guy, sure he'll get his licks in once in a while, but generally his best work is figuring out how to save lives without breaking bones or sweat. also, seriously, its Moon Knight who figures out a way off a sinking ship? not Hank? not War Machine carrying the whole piece of ship deck where they're standing?

as for Moon Knight, i have high hopes for this gig working for him this time. he may be a low-rent Batman (hey, look, Daredevil has a white haired cop with a moustache for a supporting character now), but he'll have his spots and roles. right now, its to be an Avenger. welcome to the big leagues, Marc. let's just say WCA, no matter how kooky & lovable it was, doesn't count.

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