Monday, July 19, 2010

killin' people with ...

The Sixth Gun #1 (Oni Press)
Cullen Bunn/Brian Hurtt
what we learned: not sure where i've first skimmed this (was it the FCBD?). anyway, i knew it was some good stuff, and i'm sufficiently intrigued. its the Old West, and a legendary Sixth Gun is an object being obsessed about by many parties, one of whom may be the Devil himself.
oh shit moment: looks like the famed Pinkertons were fooled into finding the gun, as their client also went to a lot of trouble wiping out a whole bunch of priests to resurrect an evil General.
what's next: this will probably be a much better movie than Jonah Hex.

uhm, you want fries with that? how about a deep fried Coke?

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