Sunday, July 18, 2010

snaps: Iron Man #28

... where we find Tony and Rhodey get shown up in Tokyo by the Hammer women. luckily, Tony kind of remembers who Sasha Hammer might be. unluckily, he still can't remember who Maria Hill might be in his deleted history file. and yes, he's building a repulsor-powered car. watch yo' back, Elon Musk!!

oh, and you can't text or tweet him a.s.a.p., to salvage a little bit of the situation?

erhm ... is that a videocam or the top view of a DSLR with its LCD screen on it?

forget about the camera ... to quote Jack Nicholson circa Batman ... "who is that??"

what? Rhodey is Tony and Maria's lovechild from the future? get out!!!

yeah! speak up, former bitch of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

Stark Resilient hires Tim Cababa, purportedly the tech builder of the short-lived amusingly funny Triumph Division. he looks suspiciously like my countryman Leinil Francis Yu (hey man!). yeah, he's what the hip Filipino looks like nowadays. him and Francis Manapul. now, "Cababa". in the local language, it could mean something like "that low", as in "the tide wouldn't even cover the top of your toes, its that low." or "your dollars can practically buy the whole country; the exchange rate is that low." get my drift? so i think Tony is scrimping for talent, because his financial reserves are that low. naaah, just kidding. Filipinos are hardworking bootstrappers! go, Team Cababa!!

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