Saturday, July 31, 2010

basic instincts

drive-by readings

World War Hulks: Spider-Man vs Thor #2 (Marvel)
Kieron Gillen
Chris Eliopoulos
Jorge Molina
Paul Pelletier
Ronan Cliquet
Patrick Scherberger
Scott Koblish
Edgar Delgado
Rachelle Rosenberg
Chris Sotomayor
Clayton Cowles
Barry Kitson/Dave McCaig (variant cover)

what we learned: we learned that the Marvel brain trust is never exempt from capitalizing on mindless spinoffs that do not advance the plot of the main storyline whatsoever and will cook up any excuse for mindless pummeling between their characters. i guess Marvel vs Capcom or Ultimate Alliance is not enough.
oh shit moment: you did not just say the Smithsonian museums are boring. what are these, the flexing of the id? yeah, probably.
what's next: let's just have Hulk and Skaar kill each other once and for all. or make a pure Marvel-characters-only fighting game on all platforms with killer graphics and no plot at all.

sheeeeesh. even for Peter Parker, that's inane.

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