Saturday, July 31, 2010

it does not compute.

drive-by readings

Wolverine: Weapon X #15 (Marvel)
"Tomorrow Dies Today - Conclusion"
Jason Aaron
Ron Garney
Jason Keith
Matt Milla
Cory Petit
Garney/Chris Sotomayor (cover)

what we learned: i'm still a little doozy. so bad Deathloks from future go back to the past to kill a number of people, one of which is Miranda Bayer, who's part of the future resistance. she's also their agent in the present, and in holding one child hostage (said child set to grow up to be the same Deathlok about to kill her), she brings about the conversion of the Deathlok to find its own humanity. it certainly is ambitious as it gets, but somewhere along the way to this ending, we all got our heads slapped upside down.
oh shit moment: the head of the future resistance - is the same Deathlok who got humanized.
what's next: Kurt lives! no, not Cobain.

machines get personality disorders too.

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