Thursday, July 15, 2010

snaps: Superman #701

... where Forrest Gump Superman takes his long walk cross country, but with a lot more sense and direction. he's around Route 80 now, if you wanna catch him.

pet peeves: idiot reporters. who does he look like again? Harry Knowles?

first, Danny Rand had a dollar. now Superman has one. can't Dr. Fate or Zatanna keep a magic petty cashbox for the heroes to use when they need a burger and fries in between punching villains?

and you're something off Drag Race, you jerk.

the sequence theisb calls "stupendous!", "amazing!" and "what a douche!". hey, Superman wants YOU to take responsibility for your goddamn health problems.

screw The View! they're discussing the Wendy Williams Show!!!

and while you're ruminating on politics and talking to this jumper-wannabe, there were two plane crashes, four train derailments, three heart attacks, nine burned houses, and a couple of tsunamis and tornados. and oh, Fletcher Chu-Fong is up to his ears organizing the DC panels for the SDCC!!! it just ... is.

"of course not, Officer. what do you think i am, some kind of powerful alien dressed in a colorful costume who wants your adoration but somehow am tired of you all depending on me for everything you want?"

" ... "

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