Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dead like them

drive-by readings

Brightest Day #6 (DC)
"Dead Zone"
Geoff Johns/Peter Tomasi
Ivan Reis/Patrick Gleason
Scott Clark/Joe Prado
Vicente Cifuentes/David Beaty
Mark Irwin/Christian Alamy
Peter Steigerwald/John Starr
Rob Clark
David Finch/Scott Williams/Steigerwald (cover)
Reis/Dave McCaig (cover)

what we learned: Mera is from an Atlantean tribe tasked to assassinate Aquaman. Firestorm has multiple personality issues (there's always something with the powerful ones. Molecule Man, The Sentry ... ). J'onn is looking for a killer who's just like him. and Deadman hasn't eaten yet, because he's been Deadman for so long. may i recommend: Red Robin ... yummmmm.
oh shit moment: could the killer J'onn is hunting be his ... wife?
what's next: does anyone want M'Gann to live, or bite the dust? call 1-800-DIE-ALIEN to vote now!

Arthur's best gift was 20/20 vision ... in water.

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