Thursday, March 11, 2010

them's the Mannings

drive-by readings

Wolverine: Weapon X #11 (Marvel)
"Tomorrow Dies Today, Part 1"
Jason Aaron
Ron Garney
Jason Keith
Cory Petit

this title continues to impress. its a great opportunity for longtime allies Logan and the reborn Steve Rogers to bond, and what better to celebrate than a global pub crawl? hold up - didn't Rogers just drink milk? am i to construe he's just like the rest of us? anyway, somebody's been offing super-powered individuals, and his name's surely as hell not Scourge. no, Deathlok has been doing the rounds. even better than Jason Aaron's opening scene is his ending reveal. its also nice to see Ron Garney back to drawing Cap, even just for this story arc.

hey, its .... Bat-Moon Knight! with some Rockslide thrown in.

but you HAVE kissed a boy, though?

hey, don't you be dissin' Billy Ray Cyrus!!

you have a marauding bulletproof cyborg, and you use an ax?

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