Thursday, March 25, 2010

snaps: Justice League - The Rise of Arsenal #1

... where we stick the knife in deeper into Roy Harper's broken heart, gouge at his entrails, and kick his severed arm around the room. seriously, James Robinson severely damaged this character and now we're supposed to believe he's going to come back as a badass evil-crushing vigilante of sorts - that is, if he doesn't die first (see, its the powerless archers that get deconstructed and "die honorably" - see The Nail, and Another Nail). and how do we explain the 2000 resurrection of Oliver Queen? ah, editor ex machina. welcome back to the '90s, DC. i guess that Hot Tub Time Machine does work!

"Freddy Marvel" is a sore loser with video games.

ah ah, tactical error, Roy. you shoulda stomped him to the ground. do not ever listen to a villain prattling.

whoooops - somebody's pulling a fast one, Mr. Green-Gigolo-who-allegedly-had-a-threesome-with-Zinda-and-Helena.

for once, the Canary Cry is silenced.

you know who i'd cast as that pusher? Christopher Walken *. YEAH.

* well, only because David Carradine accidentally killed himself.

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