Saturday, April 3, 2010

snaps: Cloak & Dagger #1

... where one of my favorite couples headline a book (albeit a one-shot) after so many years, but as appended to the X-Men/Utopia mythos. Tandy Bowen, otherwise known as the hot knife that melts my butter, thinks she's a mutant and she's not accepting of the fact that she may not be, given her longing to belong. she has to make the decision to stay or go, driven by her longtime association with Cloak (who's also having his own should-i-stay-or-should-i-go issues) and their future as a tandem, rather than as part of a bigger team.

Tyrone's favorite mashup? A Clockwork Orange/Jersey Shore.

does Theo Epstein know about this?

waittaminnit -you're gay!! (which they point out two pages later)

hmmm ... The Void, anyone?

ok, stop with the mind games. have they or have they not been doing the horizontal mambo for years?

x marks the spot: so close, Santo, yet so far away.

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