Sunday, April 11, 2010

snaps: Spider-Man - Fever #1

... where we go along with Spidey and Dr. Strange on a psychedelic trip with hungry mystical spiders making meals out of souls. Brendan McCarthy's weird tale is not for everyone, especially if you're not fond of creepy crawlies. i mean, in every monthly Spider-Man book, do you ever see an actual spider?

booooooo! Team CoCo all the way!!! wait ... what year is this??

yes, this is the past i guess ... Adrian Toomes did look like a shriveled prune even back then.

yo, dog, s'cool. you just need to flush that drugs down the toilet and everything's fine.

Soul Sushi?! i only had naked sushi!! where the hell do i get those? show me!!!

interestingly, Spidey's soul is also in costume.

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