Saturday, April 3, 2010

snaps: Sensational She-Hulk (one-shot)

... where we celebrate Jen Walters' 30th anniversary with three tales, notably from greenskin powerhouse writer Peter David, plus a reprint from the John Byrne days, but surprisingly none from Dan Slott. however, i enjoyed Brian Reed's contribution, set in pre-Secret Invasion days, where there's a titanic team up, with the now-we-know-she's-the-Skrull-Queen Spider Woman.

what? how can you say that about your original costume?

hello, Yancy Street Gang!

Carol never likes taking her pills.

also, she's been selling Toyotas and it eventually came back to haunt her.

really?? (of course, duh. its Peter David just being cheeky)

Jen survives 10 Screamin' Greenie Weenies.

and the obligatory Dan Slott cameo. oy!

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