Sunday, February 21, 2010

snaps: Captain America #603

... where we find our intrepid Cap & Falcon pairing (Sam must feel reaaaaally old) run headlong into a trap set by Bad Cap of the '50s. wow, that old geezer effed you up good, didn't he? are you gonna let him get away with that, Buck? are ya?

Batman and Robin did this all the time, and the Internet giggled.

so that's what he did after retiring from editing Captain America!

i didn't know The Shocker could fly ... or was black.

"hey Buck, Steve told me Natasha's been around the block a few times ..."

ok, let's try to figure out what they said ... is it "nagger"?

"no, this symbolizes America punching the black man in the face!"

excellent work as usual from Mr. Brubaker.

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