Friday, February 5, 2010

heckling from the peanut gallery

the call to assemble has gone out again, and we the people, the huddled masses of collateral damage from disassembling, house of m-ing, civil warring, planet hulking, secret invading, and dark reigning, exercise our right to yell our opinion from the streets, as is our democratic right.

"Forge? whattayamean, Forge?? you're an X-Man mechanic now??"
"Captain America don't need no guns, and if he did, he'd have a MEU(SOC)!!"
"do you know that the Black Widow slept around with half the Marvel Universe?"

"yes, you better have no fear, 'cause you can't do anything right, schmuck!!!"
"Bullseye was more fun than you!!"
"you don't deserve Bobbi!!!"

"destiny? is that your stagename for your new career as a Vegas stripper?"
"boooooo!! Hydra sucks!!!"
"how do we know you're not a Skrull?!"

"oh yeah? did you defend that poor hamburger from Volstagg??"
"where were you when the Indonesia tsunami happened?"
"where were you when Haiti happened?"
"does this mean you should join the Defenders instead??"

"and we're gonna have nightmares because of it!!"
"you've been Sec-Def and head of S.H.I.E.L.D. - are you gonna run for President next?"
"who died and made you the dreamer of futures??"
"did you create Jersey Shore too??"

roll out the rest of 'em bums!!

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