Thursday, February 18, 2010

turning Japanese

drive-by readings

Daredevil #505 (Marvel)
"Left Hand Path"
Andy Diggle
Antony Johnston
Marco Checchetto
Matt Hollingsworth
Joe Caramagna
Paolo Rivera (cover)

who wants to be the new Wolverine? well, who else but our newest Hand Puppet Master, Matt Murdock. in his quest to turn The Hand into a force of justice (easier said than done), Matt is building bigger prisons and doing networking stuff to get them to follow his lead. whereas Wolverine pretty much chased skirts, drank beer and brawled like a drunken sailor, Matt wants to effect change. i'm just not sure how long this'll last and then we get the next writer having Matt ruminating on his past life as an 'enlightened organized crime boss' and admits to biting off more than he can chew. especially when these Japs find out he really didn't whack Master Izo.
despite Matt's noble intentions, he's not going blindly (we hope), as we see other sinister plans are afoot and not just with the obvious antagonist in front of him, the South American daimyo named Bakuto. its one thing to have Danny Rand walking around K'un L'un because he practically grew up there; white guy Matt addressing all these ninjas and samurais right in their own turf seems a little off. good thing they're more or less subservient to tradition, until of course, that opportune moment when they can stick a knife in your back. its fun to explore this new territory left behind by Ed Brubaker, although i can't wait for Matt to get back Stateside and deal with the aftermath of Siege and the re-ascension of his superhero friends.

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