Thursday, May 5, 2011

prom here to eternity

Avengers Academy #13, where we have the Red Skull dancing with another long-lost daughter!

kidding aside, this is a sweet issue, as the new Avenger kids have their first prom, and chaperoned by Hank Pym and Tigra. how time flies! wasn't it just long ago that Hank was boinking Tigra? wait, that was Skrull-Hank. i mean, wasn't it long ago that young Tigra was hanging out in the WCA? actually that had no bearing whatsoever. other comments:

  • Speedball. DJ. "Take My Breath Away". awesome. (double awesome for Young MC. i hope it was "Bust A Move".)
  • the gym where the prom was held was probably a self-repairing one, because with at least three altercations occurring during the dance, the punch bowl seems to refill itself.
  • this is the only time Mettle (why did they design him to look like Johann Schmidt? why??) can boast of breaking Iron Man.
  • Justice - Firestar = me sad. me love Kurt Busiek Avengers run.
  • in a team, there should be a maximum of ONE character with "BALL" in his codename. Hardball and Speedball, duke it out in the corner. 
  • there should be more interaction between Marvel characters ("Marvel Team Up", anyone?). example, Striker and Hellion could meet up and out-jackass each other.
  • did they design adult Reptil to look like Humberto Ramos? because uh, his name is Humberto? (i love me some Humberto Ramos!)
  • Katy Perry+prom = "Firework". what, no "Peacock"?? aw, c'mon!
  • finally, Real Hank + Tigra = sexytimes.
  • apropos to above, Jocasta may have something to say about that. and that word may be "Ultron".
story A-
art B+

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