Friday, May 13, 2011

stiff little things

i have started a small collection of statues almost a year ago. its only been recently that i found the space where to put them, but even then it all seems temporary. when you live in a rented apartment, everything is temporary. i hope to have a better place to put them if life gives me the chance to get our own place. so far, my collection is dominated by the, ehem, DC Cover Girls (don't ask). i don't have the money to burn for $300 Iron Man statues, so i pick my spots. i also have to find the time to properly photograph them for showoff purposes. i really want to go crazy on Bowen busts but technically, i don't have one yet.
recently, i grabbed a couple of those 4-to-5 inch Marvel UK figurines over at the neighborhood Midtown Comics. i learned that these babies were full of lead and are not really for sale here in the US (officially). to get around that, they sell each figure with its companion informational magazine, so basically they are selling the publication along with the figurine. just don't have your kids handle them, and wash your hands when you're done playing them. oh well. the store had slim pickings, but i think i corralled the best of the bunch. here's Drax, which seems to be his recent badass incarnation in the Annihilation/Guardians of the Galaxy series, not that dumbo with the cape from the '90s. the Hulk isn't the only mean green lethal machine in pants.
Beta Ray Bill
in honor of the Thor movie, i grabbed his Korbinite blood brother, the one and only horse-faced Beta Ray Bill. this was slightly taller than the Drax figurine, and looked elegant enough for its size bracket. i wonder if he'll ever make it in the sequel though. even just a cameo would be awesome. now that i'm done taking shots and posting this, i think i need to go back to the store and grab a few more ... for $15 each i don't think you can't go wrong. again, just wash yo hands after holding them. if you don't wash your hands out of habit, your mama raised you wrong. Drax says so.

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