Wednesday, August 4, 2010

atomic peek

drive-by readings

Justice League: Generation Lost #6 (DC)
"Splitting the Atom"
Judd Winick
Keith Giffen
Fernando Dagnino
Raul Fernandez
Travis Lanham
Cliff Chiang (cover)
Kevin Maguire/Hi-Fi (variant cover)

what we learned: Captain Atom, who exists for solely nothing except to absorb nuclear explosions in the DCU, takes a positive thing out of his latest absorption exercise as he is transported into the future where Max Lord wins. so yeah, more reason to stop their former boss once and for all.
oh shit moment: the only metahuman survivor of that future is a shriveled up prune formerly known as Power Girl.
what's next: yikes .... bring me back the Amanda Conner days! damn you, Maxwell Lord!

better make a time capsule, boys ... you don't want your PG looking like the one on the right.

and then there was that awkward time between Karen and Nate ...

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