Tuesday, August 24, 2010

clipped wings

drive-by readings

Birds of Prey #24 (DC)
"Endrun Part 4: Impact Fracture"
Gail Simone
Ed Benes/Adriana Melo
J.P. Mayer
Nei Ruffino
Steve Wands
Alina Urusov (cover)
Ryan Sook/Joel Gomez/Fernando Pasarin/Randy Mayor/Carrie Strachan (variant cover)

what we learned: just when we thought the Birds were down, they get back into the game. the White Canary is the sister of 12 brothers Dinah bitchslapped years ago, and now their sister is here to reclaim the family honor. Dove finds the mettle to introduce her fist to Penguin, who's already counting his birds before the eggs have even hatched. meanwhile, Creote and Savant attempt to push Barb off the edge, but its actually Savant who wants to die. and its all been a gay thing. oi.
oh shit moment: can we have Yuen Wo-Ping coordinate the fight scenes between Black and White Canaries? awesome!
what's next: what, Shiva framed Dinah?

Michael Phelps would be proud.

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