Friday, August 27, 2010


drive-by readings

The Last Phantom #1 (Dynamite)
"Ghostwalk Chapter One: Phantom Living"
Scott Beatty
Eduardo Ferigato
Vinicius Andrade
Simon Bowland
Alex Ross (cover)
Joe Prado/Fabiano Nieves (variant cover)

what we learned: at last The Phantom gets reinvented, Dynamite-style, and gone are the light-hearted Sunday fun strips and Billy Zane. this time, Kitridge Walker (consider him the white T'Challa) steps firmly into his legacy as his family is massacred by greedy rivals, including his own friend, the appropriately named Peter Quisling (what, he never vetted the guy??).
oh shit moment: Peter Quisling?? how obvious can you get? seriously, when "Kit Walker" assumes the Phantom garb (only figuratively, because he's covered in either blood or warpaint), i think i wet my pants.
what's next: skullprints across faces. wait, make that across nuts.

Phantom versus Predators, who ya got??

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