Monday, August 23, 2010

hush puppies

drive-by readings

Batman Beyond #3 (DC)
"Hush Beyond Part 3: Close Encounters"
Adam Beechen
Ryan Benjamin
John Stanisci
David Baron
Travis Lanham
Dustin Nguyen (cover)

what we learned: Terry gets his first up close encounter with his timeline's version of Hush, and it results in the death of the Calendar Man. old Bruce is none too pleased, and readies his Bat Robots (he-hey, Kingdom Come!) just in case Terry can't do the job.
oh shit moment: not only is the Catwoman working with Hush, she also gets stabbed in the back too (or choked from the back, whatever).
what's next: Terry keeps barking up the wrong tree, and will that be too late?

nahh, you can still come back from the dead, just like the old coot.

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