Tuesday, August 24, 2010

hell boys and girls

drive-by readings

New Mutants #16 (Marvel)
"What is Project Purgatory?"
Zeb Wells
Leonard Kirk
Guru eFX
Joe Caramagna
Dave Wilkins (cover)

what we learned: so this General Ulysses (his name's so macho, there was no choice except to join the military) was really trapped in Limbo by General Combest when demons started attacking them. now its payback time as he brings in his weaponized mutants (those babies in Inferno) - bang! Scott Summers wasted time keeping Hope safe when there were other mutants out there anyway. kidding.
oh shit moment: the audacity of the US military to put a base in Limbo and create weapons is mind-boggling.
what's next: fight, fight, fight!

which translates as "the doors are open! its Black Friday sale!!!"

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